Tunday Kababi Pvt. Ltd.

“The world will recognize one on its own, The profit desired is equal to the amount of salt in the food.”

Mohd. Usman
Chairman of Tunday Kababi
The legacy of Tunday Kababi has ruled the heard of millions right from the common man up to the must magnetic personalities and celebrities for more than a century. With an extraordinary assortment of over hundred spices and herbs, the delicacies have made it’s a mark worldwide and the impact is phenomenal with Tunday Kababi being the pilgrimage, for food critics all over the world. Such is the euphoria that a visit to the Awadhi province remains incomplete without a visit to over 109 year old outlet. Since our inception, we have always believed in improvement. It’s our consistent improvement that has kept us serving you. So come and share the delicacies and be a part of endearing experiences because we believe in serving God by serving man.
Haji Murad Ali
(TUNDAY KABABI) 1877-1967
Serving Awadhi Cuisine Since 1897

Our Specialities

Although all our dishes are tasty but if we talk about specialty for Tunday then for sure it will our kebabs. Hazi murad ali had invented this recipe approximately more than 100 year ago to fulfill requirement of Nawab of Lucknow. The recipe contains more than 160 spices in it and the recipe passed down to generation to generation by the ladies of the house. The quality of our kebabs is the softness and gets melt in your mouth.

Customer Review

I always heard about tundey kebab and got the chance to taste it on this Sunday.It is best tundey kebabs i had .They also serve biryani and it was awesome.I will always come back to have biryani and kebab
Though i did not have kebab as i dont like chicken and mutton, my parents and siblings enjoyed it very much as it is not available in mumbai and if you visit lucknow and you dont try tunday kebabs then its a waste visit to lucknow.
Tunday is Karim’s of Lucknow, tunday kabab is popular dish.. they serve beef too.. after renovation they have good space…kabab is best here…biryani and other dishes are just ok.
mdravish, New Delhi, India
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